About Us

Our Purpose/Goal

To help individuals and families, in the National Capital Region, to bridge the gap between home renting and home ownership.  We aim to assist more than 50 families by December 31, 2030.   

Our Vision

To help families overcome obstacles to home ownership. 

We believe that with focus, commitment, desire and expert guidance anyone can achieve outstanding result!


Our Mission

To provide each client with an individualized approach, education and guidance that will inspire to achieve the goal of home ownership.

Our Values


Our business is built on the core personal Values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Compassion 
  • Commitment 

My Story

My parents immigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe in November of 1999 with my younger sister and me, in search of a better quality of life and limitless opportunities, which we definitely found in this amazing country – Canada.

It took my parents two long, difficult years, filled with uncertainty, to go through the process of becoming landed immigrants. At that time in Russia, we did not have access to the internet and had to rely on the information that was provided to us by the lawyer who managed our case. Unfortunately, he did not have our best interests at heart and failed to provide us with the right advice related to accommodations and living expenses when we arrived in Canada.

We arrived in Toronto and spent two weeks living in a hotel. It was then recommended to us that we rent an apartment and buy new furniture and so forth. Within 6 months, our financial reserve was depleted significantly and we were left with nothing of true value, just rental payments and used furniture.

If my parents had purchased a property upon arrival in Toronto through the Rent to Own strategy, which was relevant in our circumstance – we had funds for a down payment, but did not have an opportunity to build their credit history – they would have benefited from the price appreciation, equity accumulated in the property, and would have set themselves for a brighter financial future.

This story is very relevant to the service we offer because I understand the challenges new immigrants are facing and I know that receiving the right advice early on can make a significant difference, not only in your financial future but also in other aspects of your life. No doubt with time we figured things out and found the right answers to our questions; however, it took a tremendous amount of time measured in months and years.

Thus, I truly value the right advice given at the right time! The core focus of my service is to support home acquisition and homeownership.

Inna and Peter, InnaVative Real Estate Founders

What Our Clients Have to Say

It is with pleasure that I write this review for Inna, Founder of InnaVative Real Estate Inc. I have been honored to not only practice Real Estate with her, but also have learned so much from her about Rent to Own.  Her Rent to Own Program takes a client first approach. It is the understanding that there are motivated people out there that have just run into a roadblock for whatever reason. Inna and her Team address all such situations creating a win-win for both parties, but more importantly, assisting individuals and families to become home owners.

Inna is a true professional who prioritizes to her clients’ needs and I have no doubt about her continued success.

Jeraud Humphreys, Real Estate Agent
Working with Inna over a year has been a pleasure. She is honest, ethical, and professional. She works really hard to find solutions for every financial situation and her desire to help families buy a home is both compelling and inspiring. Elizabeth Kelly, Real Estate Investor and Coach
Inna is a respectful, knowledgeable, result-oriented and a very efficient professional whom I have the pleasure of knowing for several years. Her professional manners combined with positive attitude, resourcefulness, and organizational skills, bring her outstanding results. She sincerely looks out for the client's best interests and makes the entire process an absolute satisfaction. I would recommend her to anyone. Larisa Baturina, Real Estate Investor