happy family mother father and children move to a new apartment and unpack boxes

Our purpose is to help individuals and families in the National Capital Region bridge the gap between renting and owning a home. In the process we educate, guide, empower, and inspire to achieve their goal of homeownership. Our goal is to help 50 families become proud homeowners by December 31, 2030.

If you know an individual or a family unable to qualify for traditional financing through a bank, but want to become homeowners, please introduce them to us. They may be able to benefit from our Rent to Own Program, which will help them to achieve their dream of homeownership. Please visit our Referrals page.

If you have the desire to become a homeowner,  are committed to taking the necessary steps, and are interested in Rent-to-Own, please visit the Rent-to-Own and Tenant Buyers pages to learn about the Rent-to-Own process and our Power of Rent-to-Own Program.

If you are an Investor who would like to help someone achieve their goal of homeownership and receive a return on your investment, please visit the Investors page.

Member, Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals